For Small Hands

Montessori Services was founded in 1976 in Pennsylvania by an AMI-trained Primary Montessori teacher. Montessori Services specializes in hard-to-find, child-sized, practical-life materials. Their goal is to make it easy and cost-effective to find items used in the Montessori classroom. In 2004, “For Small Hands” was created at the request of Montessori teachers, giving parents access to many of the same items children use at school.

Montessori Services came to us for help with “For Small Hands” which had been experiencing declining sales over the past few years. Our challenge was to increase new customer acquisition, increase existing customers’ average order value, and give the catalog a bright new look.

Even when the subject matter is toys, we don’t mess around. We studied and learned and created something awesome.

Many thanks again for all your help and expertise with the redesign of our "For Small Hands" catalog. It certainly seems to have done the trick. We had a fantastic season!
— Jane Campbell, Founder & President

After working closely with the Montessori Services / For Small Hands team, we did what we set out to do—and more.

We updated the logo, color palette, and the brand look-and-feel. We created a product presentation “toolkit” including new typography, hierarchy, and product bundling. We freshened the book pacing with large features, imbued story-telling copy voice strategy in headlines, intros, and web drivers. We added captions, updated photography (both product images and model shots), and we implemented savvy best practices for covers and back covers, including offers and teasers.

Our client was happier than they could have imagined, and after mailing the first redesigned catalog, sales, new customer acquisition, average orders, and revenues were up double digits.

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