About the Client

Founded in 1981, Audio Advisor is one of the world's largest sellers of top-quality, name brand, high-end audio products. From turntables to amplifiers, receivers, digital streamers, power conditioners, speakers, equipment racks, and accessories, Audio Advisor is a one-stop shop for audiophiles around the world.

With a fully-involved, astute CEO overseeing all aspects of the business, Audio Advisor brought us in to continue where they had left off: designing and producing 15+ catalogs per year, comprised of over 1,500 pages. But after our internal assessment, we saw a more urgent need and a larger opportunity.

Beyond designing and producing every page of the catalog, we knew that the brand deserved a fresh look in order to bring in new customers, increase average order values, and reach the right customers in the right ways.


We worked closely with Audio Advisor to understand the current state of the brand, sales, customer experience, digital marketing, catalog performance, and customer profiles. Our plan was to take their brand to a higher level, appealing 

to a younger, more hipster audience (one word: vinyl), while not alienating 

their existing customers. We wanted to increase average order values, 

bring in new customers, and give the brand a sophisticated and clean new 

look that they could be proud of.

The updated logo is cleaner and more modern, without making huge changes. 

We allow for a changing color palette, using logo colors that work with cover imagery on each catalog issue.

Removing extraneous elements from the catalog cleaned up the pages, 

improved readability, and offered a higher perceived value. Refining typography and upping the ante on photography (and bringing back models on some covers) added to the new look and feel. 

On the production side, we even brought them into the digital age by introducing a remote proofing system (a true lifesaver during the Coronavirus quarantine) and streamlining schedules and processes both internally and with the printer.

In the end, we did what we set out to do, taking the Audio Advisor brand to a new level and, by doing so, we are seeing the higher revenues and new customer acquisition levels that we were shooting for.